Help Us Help Them


6 thoughts on “Help Us Help Them

    • Hello Daylon,

      We would sugges one of the programs listed below:

      Alabama Southern Community College
      Dr. Reginald Sykes, President
      Ms. Kay Lett, Adult Education Director
      Adult Education Program
      Post Office Box 2000
      Thomasville, AL 36784
      (251) 575-8274
      FAX: (334) 636-1380

      Reid State Technical College
      Dr. Douglas M. Littles, President
      Ms. Caroll Byrd-Lymon, Adult Education Director
      Dr. Tangela Purifoy, Director of Counseling
      Adult Education/GED
      Post Office Box 588
      Evergreen, AL 36401
      (251) 578-9036
      (251) 578 – 1313 x 132
      FAX: (251) 578-1400

      If you need more information please contact Steve Hannum in our office at 205-326-1925.

      Thank you!

  1. My name is Angela. I am starting an adult literacy program at the local library in Oxford, AL. I would like to observe and ask questions to another adult literacy program. Do you know of any within a driving distance of an hour or two?

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